ARKIN Technologies LTD (ARK International Technologies) is an advanced financial technology solution provider offering services to consumers, businesses and government agencies globally. With emphasis on security, compliance and real-time transactions, ARKIN aims to lead the charge towards a digital financial revolution by optimizing efficiencies and savings.

Ubiquitous and Borderless

Accessible 24/7/365 anywhere in the world, ARKIN’s solutions empower markets previously seen as unreachable.

Comprehensive, Secure and Simple

Feature-rich and easy-to-use use, yet equipped with the highest encryption in the region, ARKIN’s platform offers convenience through simplicity without sacrificing protection.

Customizable and Flexible

With a platform that can have every parameter tailored, ARKIN can extend far beyond just payments including shipping, logistics and attendance.

In its efforts to upgrade the technology and infrastructure in the static finance industry, ARKIN Technologies LTD has been leading the charge toward the inevitable cashless future with its future-proof and user-centric payment technology.

ARKIN aims to continue innovating, revolutionizing and distributing the most cutting-edge financial technology to empower the underbanked, heighten efficiencies and create an economy that is sustainable for everyone, everywhere.

The freedom of cashless payments made available for everyone.