eWallet Platform / Mobile eWallet

A holistic e-wallet that serves as a virtual bank account which can be used to perform different transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, sending and receiving money, bill payments, prepaid reloading, online and retail shopping, and activation of cards and contactless accessories. Accessible 24/7/365 and equipped with a live transaction log.

Switch Technology

A connection for financial systems to plug into, unifying the overall transaction processing environment.

Payment Gateway

Our robust online payment system that operates securely, facilitates payments in real-time, and allows clients to participate in e-commerce.

Issuing Platform

Our platform supports issuing of debit, credit, prepaid and contactless cards, wearable, or devices, enabling financial institutions to issue new payment product types, establish new or alternative revenue streams and expand their geographic reach quickly and cost-effectively.

Card Management Platform

Designed to provide maximum utility to merchants and users alike, our flexible and scalable card management system has two overarching features—issuing and acquiring. This PCI compliant module allows for online acquisition of funds via multiple methods and currencies, issuing and management of various types of cards and peripherals, including contactless technologies, with the ability to track various BIN formats for guaranteed security.

2 Factor Authentication

One of many security features our platform implements, 2 Factor Authentication provides security through redundancy. 2 Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that account access is exclusive to the user and no one else.

eCommerce | Rewards & Loyalty

Our platform enables clients who wish to increase customer retention and engagement to implement a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable loyalty program that easily integrates with existing merchant systems and seamlessly combines with other capabilities to simplify transactions and workflow.


ARK provides support and technology that allow clients to deploy ATMs and micro ATMs, affording individuals and merchants greater accessibility and mobility to do business. Additionally, these Micro ATMs take convenience even further by cutting the cost of traditional ATMs and allowing establishments to act as ATMs. By taking advantage of ATMs or Micro ATMs, ARK clients can offer their customers cash withdrawal facilities that are not only convenient but also cost-efficient.

Closed Loop or Open Network System

ARK’s flexible system can provide clients with closed loop or open network payment environment tailored to their requirements.

Contactless Payments (NFC | HCE)

Always ahead of the competition, ARK harnesses the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) and HCE (Host-based Card Emulation) technology, by creating payment instruments including cards, alternative form factors such as a sticker, bracelet, keychain, and ring, and a smartphone can be used to perform instant cashless payments by the simple gesture of a tap.

Blockchain Development / Integration / Exchange

As the rise of cryptocurrency continues, ARK provides safe, reliable and convenient digital currency management enabling conversion of standard currencies into virtual currencies and vice versa, including conversion to hard cash, all tracked, traded, exchanged, and redeemed seamlessly.